The black market has grown significantly, personal data began to be sold in “packages”, says Alexey Parfentiev, head of the Serchinform analytics department, RSpectr.

In addition to passport or payment data for one person, you can get everything at once – from statements on traffic police fines to video from surveillance cameras

Alexey Parfentiev, Serchinform:

– While at the state level they are only developing “digital profiles” of citizens, they are already in use on the darknet – there is more than enough information from various compromised databases, scammers can only bring them together. The service is still spot-on, but it is already popular, which means that the problem may soon become massive.

In addition, the extraction of PD has been noticeably simplified. More recently, stories about hacker groups, complex hacks and other criminal schemes for data theft were discussed in the media. Today, you don’t need to be a genius in technology to become a cybercriminal: increasingly, data theft is reduced to phishing and social engineering, explains A. Parfentiev.

One of the most massive sources of leaks is fake websites where users enter personal information themselves, and fake mailings by email and in social networks that contain links or attachments with spyware

Dr.Web CEO Boris Sharov, in a conversation with RSpectr, notes that quite young criminals have recently started stealing databases.