The main “lots” on data sales sites are information about subscribers of mobile operators, bank customers and information from state registers. “Unscrupulous employees engaged in “penetration” are usually identified by the security services of companies. Then law enforcement agencies begin their work.

It is much more difficult to identify customers of information,” A.Arsentiev notes.

  1. Oganesyan believes that the lion’s share of the work is done not by “security guards”, but by security forces.

“Unfortunately, only in 10% of cases there are traces of the work of the company’s security service – in 90% law enforcement agencies catch insiders, which indicates the absence of fundamental changes in corporate approaches to the protection of personal data. During the work of the corporate security service, most of the chain remains undisclosed. The insider himself becomes the person involved, and intermediaries and, moreover, buyers remain out of reach,” A. Oganesyan said.